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About a recent article

Ed, Your recent newsletter  is totally superb! I have 50 plus years in Commercial Real Estate, & yet I doubt I could have come up with as complete a list of NEEDED actions to take. We will be using this as a tutorial with agents constantly from now on.

Kevin C. Geenty, Vice-President
The GEENTY GROUP, Branford, CT

(the article referred to is on this site Monthly Articles September 5, 2018


Just wanted to say hello as well as express that your article - "Agent - Broker in the Middle" - was excellent and very timely for me. I'm often in situations similar to that and probably lost a couple of potential deals that I stayed away from as I had never approached the situation in the manner you're suggesting in the article. Simple and brilliant.   Y. M.

(the article referred to is on this site under Monthly Articles April 2, 2017)


About my books.

"Ed, I started teaching Real Estate 14 years ago after 44 years of Commercial Real Estate as a Lender, Developer and Investor. I use your books in my classes and I wish that I had them when I started. You do a fantastic job in explaining Commercial Real Estate. To your continued success,"

Guy Forkner, Real Estate Instructor and Department Chair
Merritt College, Oakland, California


"Buy the Numbers: Investing in Real Estate"  

"Makes a tough topic easy to understand! The author does a superb job of making a potentially difficult and detailed topic understandable and thus, easy to follow. It's as if one is sitting in a classroom with him, following the concepts and seeing how the calculations are determined step by step.

I think this is an excellent book to educate a potential real estate buyer or seller and thus, make him or her familiar with the concepts and calculations that should be of concern to a potential investor. And it's superbly valuable in evaluating how much confidence one should put in a potential agent/broker because the reader will have become familiar with the key concepts and considerations attendant to commercial real estate. I can't recommend it highly enough!"

Jerome I. Shagamon
Florida Real Estate Agent


Some comments about my courses.

Ed is amazing! Encyclopedic knowledge and the ability to convey it!! Highly recommend him!

Ed Smith knows this subject probably as good or better than anyone in the business since he was heavily involved in creating the entire process. A very valuable asset to LIBOR and the Long Island & New York State Commercial Real Estate Community.

Good morning Ed, I am sending this email to let you know how much I enjoyed taking your CIREC program this week. 

First of all I thought the information was worth 10 times the cost. Bravo!

It was one of the best prepared programs I have attended and I thought you were terrific. I quickly realized the information developed in such a logical sequence so that you would answer any question I thought of before I asked it,  

I found you to be informative, objective and fair.  I was particularly happy to not hear personal pet peeves, which I mentioned to you and you pleasantly answered that there was enough material to cover.  

It's obvious by the information, all the years and hours you have spent developing not only what I would assume to be a highly successful business, but also this concise and thorough program. 

It's tough enough to develop and manage a successful business, but then to be able to teach it to others takes a whole separate skill set.

So Thanks so much, now it's up to me to discover  how I might apply this information in my professional life.

Michael Brunetti


Mr. Smith,

 I just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your three day class in Woodbury. I have been in real estate for the past twenty years, both as a realtor and a full time NY State Certified appraiser, and have had some good instructors. But I have to tell you that you are one of the best instructors that I have had the privilege of learning from. I would like to have the logos that you offered for my business cards. Again I want to thank you for a very good class; I look forward to attending more classes with you in the future.

Respectfully yours,


John L Barone 


Posted by a recent graduate of my CIREC program on linkedin.


"Hi Mr. Smith,

I am writing to thank you for joining us at our seminar, especially for offering us such a wonderful course.  Your lecture was always so well organized, informative, it has been a tremendous learning experience, thank you for approaching it in a unique way.  

One of the attendees arrived late, she was very apologetic, yet she was very excited and told me that she blocked all her appointments to come to your lecture, she'd been to a lot of your lectures and she did not want to miss this one.  She said you are her teacher, in an extreme proudly way.  In Chinese culture, it was a great honor to be called a "teacher".  Again, thank you for the great lecture.  

We wish you all the best.  We are looking forward to having you at our event again in the future."


Crowdfunz team - Derek, Johnny, Vicky, Chris


 “Professor, I must say, you were perhaps the best teacher I ever had, both in college and real estate instruction. Thank you for your commitment to teaching.”

                                                                                                              Michael Keating, Keller Williams Realty Group, Scarsdale, NY

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the Commercial class that I took the last couple of weeks. I found it unbelievably helpful and informative. It not only taught me so much, but really fired me up to branch out and build another business for myself on the commercial side of Real Estate. The tips and strategies I took from your class I have no doubt that I will be using for the rest of my career.”
                                                                                                                                     Kenny Fratus, RE/MAX on the Bay, Niantic, CT 

“It was a pleasure meeting you and learning from your experience. Thanks for the lifetime of information. I definitely will try to implement what I have learned.”
                                                                                                                                    Rod Undelson, Is Levy Realtors, Rochester, NY

“You were an excellent teacher, and I hope I will be able to retain even half of the information you gave us!”
                                                                              Nancy Wiener, Director Operations, Prudential LI Commercial Realty, Melville, NY

“I have sat in a few of your classes before and have read your commercial newsletters. They have helped me tremendously. I just wanted to say thank you. Today I'm signing a commercial listing....now that I am armed with info that you have sent I'm feeling very confident in my ability to service my client.”
                                                                                                              Tatiana Calle MBA, CBR,  Engel & Völkers, Long Beach, NY

“You were very organized and possess a great wealth of knowledge. I've learn a tremendous amount of commercial real estate from you and you have also clarified a few of my misconceptions.”
                                                                                                                          Rick Singh, Century 21 Amiable Realty, Queens, NY


Most Boards of Real Estate have anonymous course evaluation forms; here are some of those comments:

“ Very experienced and knowledgeable. In addition to real estate he provided awesome business building ideas and methods which will really help get started in commercial.”

“Mr. Smith clearly knows what he is talking about. He was clear and concise. Great course – lots of information and very enjoyable.”

“The hand out was a great addition to the course, very well put together and easy to follow along with in class. I come in not knowing and I am leaving with a wealth of information.”

“Made class very interesting and understandable, great examples from his personal business background.”

“This was a very powerful course. Information was presented in a very precise way and divided into understandable segments.”

“This instructor was exceptional, very informative and able to keep your attention.”

“This course is one of the best I’ve attended in all my CEU’s over 30 years!”

“This topic is new to me. The presentation was structured perfectly. Each topic built upon the foundation that was presented. There was repetition that resulted in my understanding of the many topics.”


“Excellent! The professor answered all of my questions!”

“He was enthusiastic and presented a lot of information that could have been boring in an interesting way.”

“Mr.Smith is a fabulous instructor! Knows his material well; I enjoyed being a part of his class. Course is absolutely well prepared and extremely informative.”

“Witty, knowledgeable, sociable, wealth of information, clearly presented about subject matter. Fresh ideas and fresh perspective.”

“This is the 5th course I have taken with Ed. I have enjoyed each one and have come away a better Broker.”

Smith Commercial Real Estate
Edward S. Smith, Jr.
Licensed Real Estate Broker in New York and Connecticut
Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook, CT
Berkshire Road, lLicensedL 

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