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Do you need a mentor or help with your a deal? I will assist you (behind the scenes), your client will never know. Answer your questions, guidance, assistance with financial analysis, proper pricing or anything else. Hourly and other fee schedules.


Coordinating Broker Services

On occasion an agent becomes aware of a potential match between another broker’s listing and another broker’s customer (client) requirement. This agent “broker in the middle” known as the “Coordinating Broker” can bring the two parties together and a transaction may happen as a result of that introduction to each other. Let me know what you are looking for, I may be able to help in this capacity.

A similar circumstance arises when an agent needs to refer a commercial lead to an experienced commercial agent, either because they do not do know one or the requirement is out of their area. This could be to list property or a customer requirement. They ask another agent “broker in the middle” to recommend someone to them. I have a huge network of agents I have worked with or trained throughout Connecticut and New York; I can find someone to help you with your opportunities.

My fee for Coordinating Broker Services is 5% to 10% of the commission, depending on the level of involvement. The fee is usually shared by both Brokerages equally.



Do you need help setting up a Commercial Real Estate operation for your office?

Do you want "in your office" Commercial and Investment Real Estate training?


Ed Smith may be reached at: Ed@commercialclassroom.net 

Smith Commercial Real Estate
Edward S. Smith, Jr.
Licensed Real Estate Broker in New York and Connecticut
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